"Now's the time to talk to me" - Prioritising conversation in a digital era

Introducing the new song "TALK TO ME" composed by All Areas Speech Pathology Director Jane Beale. Penned to support the Central Coast Kids Day Out 2017 theme, this song highlights the importance of connecting and communicating with children particularly when they are young

In our current digital era, bright screens and devices have become an ever-present distraction. Add in busy lifestyles, longer working hours, and ready access to online media/entertainment and it’s easy to see why communication- in particular spoken conversation- is compromised.  

For children whose brains are growing and learning at such a fast pace, infancy and childhood are crucial years to support speech and language development. With recently developed “24 hour movement Guidelines” (see below) urging families to be vigilant about screen time usage, this song serves as a catalyst for further discussion- for Jane these powerful lyrics have been put out there, so we can proactively consider ways to engage with our children amongst all these external digital pressures. “I wanted to get the message across in a gentle way because as parents and carers we are all dealing with the same issues. Life is busy, there are so many demands on our time and now we are also having to make decisions about our children’s use of screens. My hope is the song will start conversations, so we don’t have to feel alone as we grapple with decisions on what to do around screen time”.

While there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to screen time usage, as the lyrics encourage it’s important to be mindful about digital distractions particularly while our children are young. Think about your role in building connections and work with your family/support network to create an environment where relationships and conversations can thrive. After all our children will “only be little for a little time, so now’s the time to talk to me”.


For the song lyrics and corresponding Key Word Signs (Auslan signs) visit our YouTube video at


For information on the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (Birth to 5 years) see the NSW health website



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